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Cool Power 4 Cycle M-V 15% Fuel Gallon

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by Morgan Enterprises (COOCPMV4C)

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Lubricant Package...
The nucleus of this new fuel is its exclusive multi-viscosity lubricant blend. A combination of Morgan benchmark high-viscosity synthetic lubricant and performance enhancing low-viscosity lubricant.
High-viscosity oils offer extreme protection but at a cost. The heavier weight oils cause fluid friction if used in percentages higher than 16% to 17%. Fluid friction adversely affects the performance of small engines by causing resistance between moving surfaces, robbing power from your engine. Low-viscosity oils generate much less fluid friction so your engine turns up faster, but also at a cost. Lighter weight oils require higher percentages of oil for equal protection and higher percentages of nitro are required to burn the oil.
Cool Power MV’s unique combination of oils gives you the performance of the low-viscosity lubricant and the protection of the higher-viscosity lubricant in one fuel. This is the kind of performance and protection you can only get from Cool Power MV!

MTEC Combustion Enhancer
Already proven in our World Championship Sidewinder Race Fuel, MTEC greatly improves an excellent formula by enhancing the ignition characteristics of the fuel and making Cool Power MV run like a high performance race fuel. MTEC’s unique combination of physical and chemical properties also slows the flame front of the fuel making it less likely to pre-ignite.
MTEC combustion enhancer produces a more oxygen-charged mixture, which means:
Easier ignition
More complete combustion
More power per combustion cycle
More flying per gallon !

Proprietary Formulas & Superior Quality Raw Products...
Morgan proprietary formulas and flawless blending process consistently deliver industry-leading performance year after year. Even so, having the best formula in the world is meaningless without the superior quality raw products to make the fuel. Unlike lesser brands, Morgan will never compromise quality for price, and that why millions of flyers globally won’t settle for anything less than Cool Power.
It doesn't take an engineer to conclude that the ingredients influence the performance characteristics of a fuel. That's why:
Morgan Fuel uses only Angus Nitrofuel from Dow Chemical. Nitrofuel is the highest in purity and consistency of any Nitro that Morgan has found in 28 years of making fuel.
Morgan blends their own lubricants. While other fuel manufacturers might be satisfied with a one size fits all premix, Morgan can create a perfect mixture of operational base stock fluids for model engines.
Morgan Methanol has a purity which exceeds the industry standard of 99.97%. Because of that exceptional purity, your engines run cooler, and produce more power.
It takes more than technical leadership to provide a superior fuel. Not only must quality be designed into the fuel, the formula has to be right.
As a part of that process:
All raw products are checked at their manufacturing points and again as it arrives at Morgan's manufacturing facility to insure they meet their strict standards.
Morgan Fuel's proprietary additives and base stock fluids are precisely infused into the fuel, guaranteeing that it will exceed all performance standards.
They conduct thorough tests of our fuels before they leave the plant to ensure that they meet our specifications.
Each vat of fuel has it's own quality control number, which is marked on each fuel bottle!
Grab a gallon of Cool Power MV, open the throttle and feel the difference for yourself, there are no comparisons!


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Manufacturer MORGAN FUEL